Supply & Listing Nights

What for are two main tables — Supply and Listing Nights?

We may say the Supply table is responsible for description data, and the Listing Nights — for the calendar performance.

table is how we title the data set that pertains to the descriptive elements of a given listing. To rephrase, it’s responsible for physical features of the listing such as title, location, bedroom count, owner name, and amenities. This table will allow you to filter and request the information dedicated to static features.

However, we know that vacation rental strategy rests not just on an awareness of what types of properties exist in the market, but in how they are being priced and rented.

This is why we have Listing Nights table — which includes the dataset that pertains specifically to daily rates, availability, and the sort. 

To give an example, by combining these two you can find out the Average Daily Rate (Listing Nights), for 3 bedrooms (Supply) in Miami (Supply), for each month of last summer (Listing Nights) and how it compares to this summer (Listing Nights).

More detailed and savvy explanation available here: 

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