Listing Nights in-depth

This data set represents a calendar for all the nights of every listing, from 2018 to a year after the current day. It is updated every 3 days (not during the trial).

Use it to calculate occupancy, analyse previous performances or upcoming rates.

It contains only Airbnb listings, but represents all the listings of that unit, since a reservation on any given channel will ultimately be reflected on the Airbnb calendar.

1. Methodology

Transparent has built a robust tool allowing to accurately infer listing reservations and their related booking price.

Every day and for every single listing on Airbnb, the calendar of the next 365 nights is extracted - referred to as Rate & Demand snapshots. Every day and for every listing, Transparent compares the Availability Snapshot of the day to the Availability Snapshot of the day before.

For every calendar update, a data science algorithm is runned in order to support the qualification of the calendar update.

Transparent then identifies for every night and every listing what is the availability status (Available vs. Reserved vs. Blocked) and append relevant information (Nightly Price, Length of Stay, Booking window etc.)

2. Methodology Available Fields

Field Name Description
Unique ID generated by Transparent for each listing
Calendar date for which the price applies
Qualification of the Availability Status: A - for Available at that pricing date, B - for Blocked, L - for Blocked with very high probability, N - for Unavailable because of Advanced Notice, R - for Reserved, W - for Blocked with moderate probability
Date when the reservation was made
Length of stay of the reservation
Time between reservation_date and pricing_date (how many days in advance the reservation was made)
The specific reservations assigned ID
Inferred number of days of advance notice necessary for that night
Currency of the nightly_base_price field. By default USD.
First time our system detected this night.
Last time this system detected this night.
The nightly base price for a night. This does not include fees nor discounts.