Which future dates are travelers booking?

Do you want to know how many bookings have been made over the last 7 days and what future dates are the most booked so you can align your strategy?

Pickup will show you  how many listings have been made unavailable over the past 7 days. In practice, this means that any listing booked or blocked in the last week will be counted here in the total listing counts shown on the graph.

This metric can be incredibly useful in highlighting dates of especially high or low current demand, giving you the chance to make proactive strategy adjustments and gain increased rate or occupancy ahead of your competitors. 

For example, in the above chart, 27th Sep is experiencing a big spike in demand relative to the average for this window. This suggests an opportunity for raising your rates to capitalise on the increased demand for the available listings. Alternatively, 17th September indicates low demand, which could prompt you to lower your rates and secure the existing demand ahead of your competition.