How to upload and operate your data inside the Transparent BI?

Connecting PMS

→ If you are using other PMS: Guesty, Track, in-house tool...

You would need to contact your Account Manager and share with him two tables (CSVs) consisting the Reservations data and the Listings data, so Transparent data team can review them and unify them with the system

The protocol is the following: 

  • One table with all the property related data points (name, location, amenities, bedroom count etc.)
  • One table with all the reservations related data (reservation ID, LOS, BW, check-in/out days etc.).
  • With one column of “property_id” (property_name) in common to do joint analysis (RevPar, occupancy per unit etc.)
  • Format: CSV, unquoted, YYYY-MM-DD

❕ Important: please use the following table formatting:

1. Use comma as a column delimiter.

2. Use line breaks as a row delimiter.

3. Always have a header row,

4. header column names always in snake case (reservation_date),

5. header column names do not have strange characters

6. use UTF-8 for encoding,

7. IMPORTANT, don’t include line breaks inside cell values. </aside>


Also, couple of tips to make it better: 

💡 Note:

  1. When sharing the reservations data — make sure you're uploading the whole period and not just one week, month
  2. The table (inside your Metabase) will be called with the same name as the file, so it should be in “snake_case”.
  3. Make sure to rename the dataset file in case you're uploading a new piece of information — If you send us a new document with the same name as before, upon uploading, the last database will be deleted and a new will be created with the same name.