Understanding Fees and Discounts

Access average cleaning and service fees & length of stay discounts of Property Managers on Airbnb in your area

We analysed random samples of listings from professional hosts for various lengths of stay on Airbnb to present it in this new summarized view.

With the aggregated metrics at the top, understand the overall trend of your selection. With the table below, see how each property manager sets up their cleaning fees, stay discounts and service fees. If the fees or discounts increase with number of guests, we will always take the minimum scenario's pricing logic. 

As always, all the available data is downloadable. As this data is generally more static, it will update with less frequency than the rest of the Dashboard, approximately every 3 months. We are continuously expanding the scope of listings we analyse fees and discounts for, so if your market does not have fees & discounts data available, do not worry: we will get in touch with you whenever it is available.

Filter down your search for the most accurate scope and find just how your competitors are setting up their fees and stay discounts.