Getting to Grips with Supply

A more in depth look at how to use and learn from your supply dashboard


Our supply view allows you to visualise your market and apply filters to analyse the supply of listings, with each dot on the map representing an active listing.

An active listing is a listing that can be found on the platform, without date filters. If the listing is searchable by a traveler, we consider it active.

As the video below demonstrates, you are able to zoom and move around while the map and statistics such as number of listings update dynamically. You can then apply, layer and colour code filters to analyse market supply by platform, listing base rate, bedroom count, review score, property manager and more. 

HubSpot Video

You can also download the supply data to track and manipulate it further through this button underneath the map:

Screenshot 2019-09-02 at 19.22.30


This data can be particularly useful in gauging pricing or distribution strategy for certain stock types and it is possible to map and track specific competitors' inventory.

Supply data can also inform growth strategy through highlighting certain stock choices or locations that are better performing - users may also filter to lower review scores to identify potential listings as management targets.

  • Our system has a recall rate (we do not find 100% of the listings). We consider that an acceptable recall rate is 95% of the global listing count on a monthly basis. Sometimes platforms change their websites and we need to adapt our systems to be able to maintain a high recall rate. This may temporarily affect the data. You will be notified when these changes occur.
  • Currently, we have mapped over 70% of all hosts that have more than 10 listings globally (we have a directory of 28,000+ companies), and this is progressing by 400 new hosts every week. If you don't find one of your competitors, it may be that the property management company uses an account that has not yet been mapped to their name by our system. In this case please send an email to with the company name and we will happily map it manually.

Hopefully that's answered your questions! If not, feel free to drop us an email at, or use the chat function from your dashboard, and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.