Supply Data

Gain an in-depth understanding of vacation rentals, from their location to property type, and more.

1. MAP

This supply view allows you to visualize your market and apply filters to analyse the total supply of properties, with each dot on the map representing a unique and active property. 

You are able to zoom in and move around the map, while statistics such as number of properties update dynamically. 

You can layer and color code filters to analyze the market supply by city, property type, subtype, host type, bedroom count, and more.

supply color



With this view, you´ll see the total number of properties in the market as well as the total capacity, indicating how many people this market can host. You can make a comparison with historical data in order to evaluate the evolution of the market. 

The capacity is calculated in terms of the total number of de-duplicated properties as well as the capacity indicated in the platforms.

Available filters: 

  • City: City name provided by the API of Google Maps
  • Zip Code: zip code provided by the API of Google Maps
  • Property Subtype: you can filter by category of accommodation according to Transparent's categorization. Values include: APARTMENT, BED_&_BREAKFAST, BOAT, BUNGALOW, CASTLE, CHALET, DORM, GLAMPING, GUEST_HOUSE, HOUSE, OTHER, RV, TOWNHOUSE, VILLA
  • Host Type: an indicator of the type of owner. The values can be "SINGLE" in the case of properties managed by a private owner or " MULTI" for those properties managed by owners with at least 2 properties. This indicator shows the degree of professionalization of the market.
  • Bedrooms: you can perform a more precise analysis by filtering by the number of rooms of the properties in the market
  • Minimum Stay: the host can establish a minimum stay for the properties to be booked. Through this filter, you can make an analysis based on this minimum stay established by professional property management companies or single owners.



In order to further manipulate and analyze the data in your dashboard, it is possible to download the data behind each chart.

To export the data, click on the table from the Export view ->Download button on the bottom right ( Export in CSV, Excel, or JSON)

Use this link to download an excel file where you can find sample data with respective descriptions of each column. 



Our system has a recall rate (we do not find 100% of the listings). We consider that an acceptable recall rate is 95% of the global listing count on a monthly basis. Sometimes platforms change their websites and we need to adapt our systems to be able to maintain a high recall rate. This may temporarily affect the data. You will be notified when these changes occur.

A listing is considered active if it can be found on the platform, without date filters. If the property is searchable by a traveler, we consider it active.

By a deduplication process, we are able to get the number of properties instead of the number of listings. This system is trained to identify if a property is listed on different platforms and then we combine the "crosslisted" properties.