Getting to Grips with Rate & Demand: Bedroom Comparison

An in-depth look at how to navigate the Bedroom Comparison tab of your Rate & Demand dashboard

The Bedroom Comparison tab of your Rate & Demand dashboard shows exactly the same data as the market overview (Listings Count, Average Occupancy, Average Nightly Rate, Pickup) but each of the charts breaks down the data by bedroom number. For each date you get a data point for listings grouped by bedroom count. See average nightly rate below for example.

Screenshot 2019-08-30 at 15.28.20

You can toggle which Bedroom Counts are viewable at a time by clicking on the digits in the horizontal axis of each graph. Or, you can select a range of Bedroom Counts in the filter panel to lock in all 3 graphs to a certain analysis, along with any other filters of your choosing.

The data can provide insight into which bedroom counts are performing best in your market, and therefore which are most beneficial to target for management. It can be hugely beneficial to take note of trends affecting the different sets of bedroom counts, and to tailor your strategy. Applying property-type specific price alterations will likely result in more optimised revenue across your inventory.

Moreover, you can search for your company under the Property Manager field to gain insight on how your own Bedroom Counts are performing against each other. Feel free to export any and all of this data for your records!

Hopefully that's answered your questions! If not, feel free to drop us an email at, or use the chat function from your dashboard, and we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.