Merge and/or Delete Listings in Custom Groups

Did you know you can edit your Custom Groups after creating them?

In case you want to keep adding comparative listings into your custom groups (from your own inventory, to track new competition, to total more than 1,000, etc) or you’ve identified certain listings to remove from your groups in order to enhance the analysis, we’ll show you how to merge groups and/or delete from your Custom Group export.

To merge listings into another group, simply create another group with the exact same title. After you hit save, only one aggregated group will remain in your My Groups tab. Plus, add entire selections of urls confidently by knowing that any potential duplicates will automatically be removed and only unique urls will remain.

If you come across a listing that you would like to remove when analyzing your custom group, you just need to export the group from the Listing Level View tab and copy the desired urls, being sure to exclude the urls of the listings you wish to remove. Next, go to your Custom Group settings and delete the original group to not accidentally merge with the same title, and then paste the urls to create the refined group.

There you have it! Keep your custom groups organized and tidy for an optimal analytical advantage.