How to open a CSV file in Excel?

When you export the underlying data from the  Rate & Demand graphs, clicking the 'Export CSV' icon in the top right of any of the various charts (Average Price, Average Occupancy), the CSV file that is produced will include dates and values that correspond to the filters that are in use.

If after opening the CSV file, the text is all in a single column and you prefer it to be separated at each comma into individual columns, follow the next steps:

1- Click and drag the cursor to highlight the column you want split.
2- Navigate to the “Data” tab (located in the top menu bar).

3- Click “Text to Columns”. 

4- Choose the “Delimited” option, then click on “Next”.

5- Select the “Comma” checkbox, then click on “Next”. 

6- Click “Finish”. All the text that was previously separated by commas will now be placed in separate, individual columns.