How can I increase my inventory?

We present to you 2 easy ways to identify new prospects using review scores and Supply data.


Generate a map view of underperforming, non-professionally managed listings

Step 1: Go to the Supply tab on your Dashboard 

Step 2: Filter Review Score

Scroll down the side panel to find the Review Score filter, Select the range of scores you believe to be underperforming, where owners might be leaving money on the table.


Step 3: Filter Owner Type

Scroll to Owner Type and select “single” to exclude all the professionally managed listings. 

Step 4: Click on each dot to learn about the properties

Click on these points to learn about the property, and to find the url to the listing site.




If you prefer a more tech-savvy approach to your data, we’ll show you how to produce a comprehensive Excel file with all the listings in your market, and how to use filters to identify the most acquirable properties.

Step 1: Go to the Supply tab on your Dashboard

Step 2: Export the CSV file

Click on the Export CSV button below the map.

*If you would like to convert the CSV file in Excel please click here to see how to do it.



Step 3: Filter Review Score 

Apply filter to Review Score (column AM), and use the “Number Filters” option to select a range

Step 4: Owner Type

Apply filter to Owner Type (column AZ), and select “Single”


Step 5: Add any other filter of interest

Each row will now detail a listing that is not professionally managed and underperforming in the market. Side scroll to find owner name, addresses, urls, amenities, etc.*

* addresses are exact while Vrbo and Airbnb are approximations.