What, when and why in the BI?

Where the data comes from and how ofter is it updated?

Transparent analyses and aggregates every searchable listing available online on major OTA channels every single day, and after enriching the data with locational and descriptive information created with smart algorithms, performs queries around the world until all the listings are collected and starts over the operation.

Calendar data is updated every 3-4 days, with the listings supply update happening each month. 

Can I download raw data? 

Absolutely! It can be done for each question, dashboard or table of data, which would allow you to sort out and download datasets which you and your team can play around with.

You’ll find a “cloud” button in each right corner when in a question or table to download it in your convenient format: 

Which channels are we analysing? 

Currently, Transparent analyses the main OTA channels — Airbnb, Booking.com, VRBO.

How can I create a new user? 

New users can be easily created by clicking on the Settings button in the bottom left corner — Admin — People — Invite a user. Please add the name and the surname of your colleague/revenue manager and his email, and his user and unique password has been created: 


Tables — datasets with columns and cells which store data 
Question — is a request of information from the dataset (table)
Dashboard — place where for questions are stored in one place, usually united in one goal — for example, one can be focused on revenue management, the other is for demand forecast
Filters tools available in questions and dashboards to narrow down your query (by city, amenities, bedrooms, etc.) 
— means listing is being available for renting within our last update
PM domain name — is a name for professional PMC (property management companies). You will find competitors and market players under their domains  
ADR — average daily rate of the listing per chosen period of time
RevPar — Revenue per available room is a measurement of revenue calculated by multiplying listing's ADR by its occupancy rate
Booking Window — is a calculation of how many days in advance the reservation was made, based on time between reservation date and a calendar date
LOS — length of stay
GBV — gross booking value, total sum of revenue collected for a specific period 
CompSet — competitive set of listings, similar by characteristics (subtype, amenities, bedrooms)
Percentiles — score, where each percent is showing how much higher the result is above the market for each division. For example, if a listing made a 1000$ in revenue, and scored as a 90th percentile — it means that revenue of 1000$ is higher than 90% of the revenues. 
Pacing — metric, allowing to see how the quantity and percentage of occupancy in bookings are evolving, compared to specific year
Pick-up — is a measure, showing how many listings have become booked or blocked over the chosen period of time
RateShops — most accurate module for price-benchmarking, which provides forward looking rates with fees and availability