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In order to further manipulate and analyze the data in your dashboard, it is possible to download the data.

There are two ways to download the dataset.

  1. Export the whole data
  • To have a look at the raw data just click on the title of the table.
  • On this page besides accessing the whole data, you can apply the filters on the raw data as well. For example, use the filter "month" to get the latest version of the Supply. 
  • Run the query to update the data
  • Download the data on the right bottom corner of the page in your preferred format (CSV, Excel or JSON).
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2. Export chart data
  • You can get the data behind each chart by clicking on its title.
  • Apply some visual changes to the charts.
  • Access the table view by clicking on the table icon. This view demonstrates the data in the same format as in the downloaded version of the file.
  • The download button is on the right bottom corner of the page. The files are available in CSV, Excel or JSON formats.
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