Use Host Account to Granularize the Competition

Did you know you can filter for individual professional agent accounts?

The Host Account field on your filter panel is there to (1) parse out agent accounts that make up a given Property Management Company and/or (2) identify and track independently competitive owners.

(1) Sometimes a company will spread out their presence by having several different accounts on the same or multiple platforms, according to their own methodology for segmentation, organization, and audience. To analyze these agents individually, you can select and apply the Property Manager filter first, and then open the Host Account field to view which agent accounts are associated with that PM. You can then examine the overview of that particular subinventory. 

Also, you can go to the Listing Level View to know which listings they specifically manage and how those perform individually. Finally, you can engage with this filter in the Reviews tab to become aware of the experience variety and discrepancies amongst different agents or hosts.


(2) As mentioned, independent owners in certain markets, without association or ownership to any known Property Management Company, can still be considered professional competition due to strategic pricing and occupancy trends. That is why we have created an algorithm to identify and include these owners and their respective listings in the Dashboard data, and you can filter for these within the Host Account field as well (without selecting a Property Manager).


Build structural insight and refine your strategy by engaging with nuanced competition in your market!