Create a Custom Group with Bathroom Count filter

Did you know you can filter for bathroom count by creating a custom group from the Supply download?

The Supply export contains more specific information per each listing, that can be organized, sorted, and filtered to your needs. From the Supply tab, follow these steps:

1. Hit Export CSV and open the file in Excel.

2. Side scroll until you find columns AQ and AR, or “bedrooms” and “bathrooms”. Select both columns by first clicking on AQ and dragging over to AR, then releasing.

3. In the header bar, go to Data → Filter. Then, to make navigation easier, you can go to View → Freeze Panes → Freeze Top Row.

4. Next, click on the drop down arrow to the right of “bedrooms” to open the filter options.Type in the bedroom count you are interested in analyzing, for example 3.

5. Then, click on the drop down arrow next to “bathrooms” and select the bathroom count you want to analyze in relation to the bedroom count you have already selected, for example 2. Only properties with 3BR/2BA will be viewable now.

6. Then, side scroll to the left until you get to column AD or “url”. Select the first listing url at the top, then CTRL+SHFT+DOWN to select the entire column.

7. Ctrl+C to copy these urls!

8. On your Dashboard under your Account settings in the top right corner, select the Custom Groups option.

9. Use Ctrl+V to paste these urls in the box (up to 1,000 at a time, then you can merge them). Name the group with alphanumeric characters to fit the filters you applied for this particular custom set (in this case, 3Bed2Bath).

10. Hit SAVE GROUP and you will now be able to select this custom set under the Listings Group field on the left Dashboard panel to analyze more granular pricing and occupancy data.

Remember that only the professionally managed listings will be successfully incorporated into the group, so you may see an Error notification that irrelevant data was excluded, but just reach out to us to include them!

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