Create a Custom Group for Luxury Listings

Did you know you can filter and track the top-grossing “luxury” listings in your market by creating a custom group using ADR limits?

1. First go to the Listing Level View of your Dashboard.

2. Then you can apply the filters that are relevant to the type/location of listings you want to analyze. For this example, let's look at all the 4 bedroom units in the market.

3. Download the chart by hitting the export button in the top right corner and open it in Excel.

4. Find column J (“adr”) and click on the J to select the entire column.

5. In the header bar, go to Data → Filter.

6. Click on the drop down arrow next to “adr” and click “Sort Largest to Smallest”.

7. Now you must decide the price delimitation for what you consider luxury-priced for the bedroom count you are analyzing in your market. In this example, let’s use $900 ADR for 4 bedroom units in Big Bear as the low bar for luxury. Scroll down until you find the last row matching near 900 ADR.

8. Then, while scrolling to the left, find and select the cell on the same row that contains the url (Column G).

9. Hit CTRL+SHFT+UP and then Ctrl+C to copy all these urls.

10.On your Dashboard under your Account settings in the top right corner, select the Custom Groups option.

11. Use Ctrl+V to paste these urls in the box (up to 1,000 at a time, then you can merge them). Name the group with alphanumeric characters accordingly (in this case, 4 Bed Lux).

12. Select SAVE GROUP and you will now be able to select this custom set under the Listings Group field on the left Dashboard panel to analyze more granular pricing and occupancy data.

Remember that only the professionally managed listings will be successfully incorporated into the group, so you may see an Error notification that irrelevant data was excluded, but just reach out to us to include them!

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